Mutzfest (Modified) FAQs

Mutzfest (Modified) FAQs and Covid Protocol

I would like to buy a ticket for Mutzfest (Modified) what are my options? 
You can either purchase tickets for Mutzfest-To-Go or for the Mutzfest Crawl. Mutzfest-To-Go is a pick-up option in which you will place an order for your group and pick it up curbside at the Elks Club (1115 Washington St., Hoboken. The Mutzfest Crawl will allow a limited number of people to buy tickets in order to walk from deli to deli. 
Who is in Muzfest (Modified) this year? 
Dolce & Salato 1101 Grand Street
Frankie & Ava’s Italian Eatery 208 Washington St
Losurdo Brothers Bakery and Deli 410 2nd St.
M&P Biancamano 1116 Washington
Tony Boloney’s Hoboken 263 1st
Vito’s & Son Deli 806 Washington
Are you selling 1,000 tickets like you usually do for Mutzfest? 
No. This year we are capping tickets for Mutzfest-To-Go at 530 orders and for the Crawl at 150 people to walk from deli to deli. 
Will any tickets be available on the day of the event?
No. Unfortunately, all tickets sales are in advance.
How much are tickets?
All tickets are $50 per person. Just go here to make your purchase
Can you tell me exactly how Mutzfest-To-Go will work? 
Sure! If you buy tickets for Mutzfest-To-Go you will go to PayPal and choose the window of time for your curbside order pick up at the Elks. We are organizing orders in half-hour increments in order to avoid lines. Every order will include the same great Mutzfest deliciousness but will vary based on your party size. Pick-ups start at Noon. 
Can you tell me exactly how the Mutzfest Crawl will work?
Sure! If you buy tickets for Mutzfest Crawl you will go to PayPal and choose your starting destination. We are allocating just 25 tickets per starting location to help minimize crowds. The crawl starts at Noon at each location. 
What if the weather is really bad?
Both formats are rain or shine events. It’s been a tough year…a little bad weather won’t hurt. But we will not cancel the event and tickets are not refundable. Pray for sun. 
What if someone in the government orders a shutdown? 
As of the posting of the ticket sales and this information, we are 100% committed to operating Mutzfest as planned. But in the event of some catastrophic happening and we are forbidden to operate Mutzfest we would have to comply with those orders. After all, we’re not anarchists. 
Why is it so complicated this year? 
Well, there is the pandemic. Then PayPal has certain criteria that you can set up for payments so we did the best we can with the goal to limiting interaction and maximize the experience. So, the windows of time for pickups with Mutzfest-To-Go help with that. And by choosing your starting point for the Crawl we are able to spread out 150 people by assigning 25 people to each location for the first stop, which will include Check-In. 
Speaking of Check-In, what’s involved with that? 
There’s no check-in required for Mutzfest-To-Go except to show up at your chosen time and bring a copy of your receipt that shows your name and quantity ordered. For the Crawl you will also be required to show your receipt. But you will also receive a custom Mutzfest mask, a wristband, your punch card, and a handy walking map. 
I really, really, really want for Dolce & Salato, etc. to be my starting point. 
Well, good luck to you. It will really depend on if you are one of the first 25 to buy from that allocation.  If you plan on visiting every deli, the starting point shouldn’t matter that much.
I really, really, really want to pick up my order at 12:30. 
Well, good luck to you. It will really depend if you are among the first to buy from that time slot. 
Thanks for organizing Mutzfest in the best way possible. 
Hey! We really appreciate that. Thank you. Happy Mutzfest!
Covid Protocols as per the Hoboken Health Department 
It is critical to take safety precautions to keep our community safe so please adhere to all safety measures as recommended by the city. 
  • If you are not feeling well or have been exposed to someone please do NOT attend Mutzfest
  • Wear a mask
  • Social distance at least 6 feet from others
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer