2015 Mutzfest Winners

M&P Biancamano took home the trophy for Peoples’ Choice, Best Mutz for a third year in a row.

Vito’s Deli won the Critics’ Choice, Best Mutz for a second year in a row, and picked up the Critics’ Choice, Signature Sandwich this year. They also picked up the Mutzfest’s very first Kids’ Choice, Best Mutz award.

Another new category of voting was the Critics’ Choice, Best Table Presentation, which was a tie between Tony Boloney’s and M&P Biancamano.

Thank you to all of this year’s participants:

M&P Biancamano1116 Washington Street
Littletown, NJ 310 Sinatra Dr
Little Eataly 599 Ridge Road, North Arlington, NJ
Margherita’s Pizza & Cafe 740 Washington Street
Sasso’s Deli 1038 Garden Street
Tony Boloney’s 263 First Street
Vito’s Deli 806 Washington St.

Thank you to all of this year’s judges:

Gibson Borelli
Jen Casson
Gigi Clark
Anthony Giglio

Mutzfest proceeds support one of Hoboken’s only not-for-profit organizations that provides financial support and programs not only to our members but also to other area charities. Proceeds will benefit all of HFA’s philanthropic endeavors including the Hoboken Bike Camp for individuals with disabilities.